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  • Suzhou Alton is a professional designer and manufacturer in the telecommunication area, our products include Duplexer, Triplexer, Quadraplexer, Combiner, Active filter, Ceramic filter, waveguide products etc.

    We have skilled design team from Huawei, and we are very familiar with the traditional filters, ceramic filters and waveguide products.

    Our supply chain team used to provide services to Apple, Motorola,Nokia etc.and we are working with the famous companies in telecom industry, like Amphenol, Rosenberger etc.

    Our products can cover the frequency from 40M-80GHz and we are capable to design according to customers' diverse requirements.

    Alton is located in the AAAAA senic place Wangshang Mountain, so we very pleasant surroundings and perfectly convenient transportation, only 1 hour drive to Shanghai, the biggest city in China.

    Looking forward to co-working with you together!

    suzhou Alton electronics technology co., LTD Add:Suzhou wuzhong economic development zone, wuzhong road no. 2111, 5
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